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Thank you for taking the time to come to the Society of Olympic Collector’s webpage. Every single one of you mean a lot to us and I hope we are able to provide the most up to date news about the Olympics and collectibles that arise from each Olympic Games. Recently, there have been a buzz regarding the addition of non-traditional sports into the Olympic line up. Evidenced by historical trends to input various activities that express the interests of the masses, many proponents of what is known as E-Sports have fervently advocated the inclusion of electronic competitive games into the Olympics.

Knowing this, the IOC and various other Olympic organizations have succumbed and announced a hearing regarding the possibility of E-Sports inclusion. While the traditional Olympics has been focused on activities that require no major technology, the increasing prevalence of technology in our daily lives have caused the masses to express an interest in adding activities that they can empathize with. Take a moment and think; when was the last time you had the opportunity to curl and bobsled? Did you EVER have the opportunity to participate in the javelin toss or Rhythmic gymnastics? Many advocates for E-sports have related the addition of events like fencing, shooting, and archery as a basis for E-sport inclusion. They argue that the integrity and similarity to ancient Greek games has already been compromised and if the Olympic committee is to continue to recognize the legitimacy of the aforementioned sports, how can they not implement e-sports like League of Legends, DOTA 2, and Starcraft?

While the popularity of E-sports has seen exponential growth in the past few years, the majority of the decision makers in the IOC are not representative of the demographic of e-sports fans and advocates. In order to maintain an Olympics that is representative of the competitive nature of the entire population, the IOC must consider the possibility of including e-sports into future games. By indicating a progressive system that is welcoming of all activities that can be classified as requiring skill and competitive, the Olympic games will continue to see growth in viewership and interest.

While the possibility of addition to the Olympic games seems bizarre to the vast majority outside of the sphere of influence of e-sports, the increasing public interest cannot be denied by even the most conservative Olympic traditionalists. The increasing investment and viewership numbers that e-sports are achieving are showing a staggering change in the interests of today’s youth. An example of this increased investment would be one game studio’s recent entry into the E-sports market. This studio, Jagex, released a game mode called Deadman in 2016. Players are pitted against each other for a $20,000 cash prize for the last man standing. Investment and spiked interest indicate an increasing attachment of the player base to the competitive nature and viewership of e-sports. To complement this fad, a striking revelation that even Bloomberg has reported on is the fans of these games even place significant monetary value on the various qualities of the games they play. For example, in Jagex’s game Runescape, some entrepreneurial individuals have even established websites to sell runescape gold! If you take a minute and go to https://www.rsgoldstop.com/  you can even speak to a live chat agent who will sell you pixels for real money.

Nowadays, it’s obvious that the perception of the games has changed. I predict that we will see a progressive movement that will culminate in significant change in terms of the line up of future Olympic games. While this result may well be in the distant future, as Olympic fans and collectors, we must be able to acknowledge change in our passion. By being open to change and accepting of ideas that may conflict with our established ideals, we will be able to pass the love of the Olympic games to future generations. Thank you for taking the time to read our article and I hope you’ve enjoyed this fresh perspective. We will continue reporting on these trends and hope you will be with us then. Until next time!

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