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Torch Bearer

Torch Bearer is the Society's quarterly journal offering news and articles about Olympic memorabilia and collectibles. Articles deal with past and future celebrations of the Olympic Summer and Winter Games, as well as material related to the structure of the modern Olympic movement.

Copy dates: Torch Bearer is usually published four times a year in March, June, September and December. Articles or adverts for inclusion in a particular issue should be sent at least two months in advance.

Back Issues: At present most issues of Torch Bearer are still available to Volume 1, Issue 1, (March 1984), although some are now exhausted. As stocks of each issue run out, they will not be reprinted. It is Society policy to ensure that new members will be able to purchase back issues for a four year period, but we do not guarantee stocks for longer than this. Back issues cost £2 each, or £8 for a year's issues, including postage by surface mail. If ordering single copies, please indicate which volume you require. If you wish to receive back issues by airmail, please add £0.75 per issue (£3 per volume). Payment can be made through Paypal through the email address.

Articles: Photocopies of articles are available through the Treasurer at 10 pence per page.

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